About Me

Matt Cowell

My name is Matt Cowell.  I grew up in many churches while living for 17 years in Europe and Latin America when my father worked as a U.S. diplomat.  Since visiting a Peace Corps site in the Dominican Republic and attending a Christian missions conference, I have felt called to volunteer long-term by living and working in a community culturally different from mine.  As a Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) Young Adult Volunteer, I will live in San Antonio, Tex., while working in an immigration law office.  My Spanish will help me connect with those whom I will serve.  I hope to grow personally and spiritually in a family of young adults while discerning how to serve God best in my work, relationships, and activities.
I graduated from Troy University in 2014 with a Master of Science in International Relations.  I spent the last few years working in retail, prior to which, in 2009, I graduated from McDaniel College with a bachelor’s in history and Spanish and am finishing a master’s in international relations at Troy University.  I live in Columbus, Ga., where I enjoy volunteering at my church, traveling, and participating in Freemasonry.


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